Bone-Studio it’s an animation production company with more than 5 years of expertise in the field.

Committed to product excellence, we perform consistently the most innovative production techniques and artistic creation.

Being our main target to achieve the maximum quality for our clients.

As an added value, in collaboration with our technology partner, Duine Acu, we provide technology consulting, management and creation of database and high level web development.

3D Architechtural Viz

3D Development of architechtural projects at a photorealistic level to improve your communication and sales, or with a simplified style for concourse projects.

3D Animation

3D animation production for TV Series, advertisement spots, communication campaigns, and other productions types.
We have traditional animators and a motion capture system to achieve the best results for every projects.

3D Technical Viz

Visuals and video creation to show and explain different technical proccess and products with different styles, from photorealism to a simplified illustration style to make it easier to understand complex technical elements.

3D Advertisement

Real footage and animation advertisement spots and communication videos, mixing 3D elements with real footage.
We cover the complete proccess, from the storyboard and planning to the shooting phase and finishing.

AR 3D Mobile Apps

Augmented reality programming and design. We cover the full production, from the planning and sketching of the app, to the definition of the final idea, and finally programming, 3D content creation and publishing.


Stereoscopic and auto-stereoscopic (for 3D screens without the need of glasses) production and directing. We assure a correct stereoscopy and avoid the problems derived from a bad camera work.

Tech Reference Apps

App programming and design for multiple platforms. We deal with every native language in every system which ensures great stability and reliability

IT Consultancy

Extensive experience proving consultancy for large and SME companies. We help our clients to grow and strengthen their business by opening new opportunities through the use of advanced technology. We are CRM Solutions and Loyalty Systems experts and we have been creating, designing, developing, running and supporting CRM and LS solutions for more than 15 years.

Web Apps Development

Over 10 years experience developing advanced websites which have significantly enhanced our customers marketing and sales strategies.Any kind of solutions related to the web world, from simple responsive pages, regardless the browser device, to complex websites where content management (CMS) and your existing business software (CRM, ERP , etc) are perfectly integrated.

VCS Technology

VCS (VIS CAECA SONI)* is an award-winning technology that allows visually impaired and blind people, move in three-dimensional virtual spaces.VCS refers to a collection of rules, procedures, protocols and routines which permits a visually impaired person to navigate using audio signals. VCS is the Research and Development basis of the Project “Entornos virtuales para la integracion”, (Virtual environments towards integration), awarded in the conference REMPRENDE 2005 as the most innovative technological project. (Madrid, June 2005). Through the VCS Engine, a 3D environment is converted into Sound Instructions, and the person can explore virtually their surroundings.