Fast photorealistic render and compositing.

Recently we’ve been preparing a technical demonstration for one of our clients, we’ve made it in record time, a working day, from having nothing to have a complete sample video performed only by one operator.

The challenge was to integrate a Formula One car in one of the main straight streets of the circuit, Monza, but we couldn’t do a simple image, it had be a video, and the camera had to be animated, the only material to work, a picture of Monza.

Using the new 3dsMax Perspective Match and a Camera Mapping technique we obtained the desired results, the difficulty came with lighting, shading and rendering phases.

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Using traditional rendering engines would have taken too much time to get photorealistic results at the quality level the client wanted and inside the deadline.
But it took very little to have the shading and lighting ready to render, and the total time of the video you can see below did not exceed two hours at a 720p resolution.

This was due to iRay and his Matte Material, we were able to use the background to increase the realism of the lighting, the absence of an HDRI or a 360 picture of the environment made us to use a physical sun and sky, which along with lighting provided by the background provided gave us a pretty quick and straight forward compositing work.

The time per frame was spectacular at final quality, and finally the video was rendered in two hours in just one workstation without the need to use the renderfarm at all.

That’s very important because render time has always a major impact in the projects budget, specially if a high quality render result is needed.

When we project this data to a bigger proyect, it could help to turn a high render cost, and several weeks of render in a tighter cost and just a few days for the render.

Juan Gea.

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